A New Adventure Begins with Stampli

How sticking to the basics helps keep perspective in the daily grind of startup life.

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On Top of the World!

Waking up at 3:30AM the day of our ascent to Machu Picchu wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be because I was so excited to finally be at our destination. Lara and I joined our hiking companions in the line for the buses to the top. Santiago had told us to get in […]

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Almost There

The third day began under a literal and figurative deluge. Santiago had expressed serious doubts about our group’s ability to continue the hike but thankfully Lara kept her head about her and persuaded me to not cop out and take the bus like the other two were planning to do. As she put it, “Theresa, […]

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Feeling the Burn

In my quads, in my calves, in my back….. The second day was by far the most strenuous of the trip. Having woken up at 5AM to breakfast (starting with heavenly hot tea served outside our tent) we packed up and gathered around the group of shaggy mountain ponies to start our ride. Watching other […]

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First Steps at 9,000 Feet

The next four days proved to be extremely challenging, even without dealing with altitude sickness. Here’s an outline of the elevation gain and loss of the Salkantay Trek. I had never been at extreme altitude before. I fancy myself in good physical shape but was aware that altitude messes with people in unexpected ways. The […]

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Arriving in Cusco, Peru after an 18 hour flight was a huge relief. After a few hours trying to figure out what happened to Lara (delayed flights and no cell service) and struggling to find our hostel shuttle among the throngs taxi drivers shouting at every passenger through the door, we got things sorted out, […]

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