What it Takes to Outrun the Sun

Not everyone is lucky is enough to have a real-life hero (or heroine) close to home. Many people idolize musicians, sports legends and media personalities, but it is difficult to truly know these people at a distance. Often, especially in sports, an individual with an incredibly inspirational legacy is outed as a fraud. “Comeback” athletes at the peak of their profession brought down by drug scandals make one wonder whether there really are people who overcome challenges with true grace and strength.

So, I decided to write a story about one of these real every day heroes; my sister Christina. She has a rare autoimmune disorder that made the odds of her becoming an athlete slim to none. Today, she is an ultrarunner, winning races around the state and inspiring everyone who meets her.

My story was published by Ultra Running magazine. Read it here.

Recently, I was contacted by Trail Running magazine who did an in-depth interview with myself and Christina. I will be sure to post that one here as well!

I believe there are many things that can be learned from Christina’s story, here are a few:

  • Having known Christina her entire life and seen first-hand how she deals with challenges with grace, humility, and a sense of humor has been a huge inspiration.
  • Her tenacity and determination to push herself despite the odds inspires me every time I put on my running shoes. The way I see it, when there are people like her who have to work through so much just to go out for a run, well, there’s no excuse for the rest of us.
  • It’s a reminder to appreciate your body and the incredible things it can do and never take good health for granted.
  • Her life is a lesson in refusing to accept nay-sayers. I’m sure there are many people that can learn from that attitude.

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