What D’Juneau

Leaving from the port of Seattle, we steamed toward our northernmost destination for an entire day and night. My friends and I spent the day exploring the ship, then getting dolled up for Gala Night. I took this opportunity to try escargot for the first time – I liked it, but then butter and garlic can make any dish delicious. Rack of lamb and chocolate souffle anyone?

Gala Night
Gala Night

That night we discovered The BB King Blues Band and boogied through their entire set, then wandered into the Piano Bar to wrap up the evening on a classy note (just kidding, then we busted a move in the ship’s dance club Northern Lights – this became a nightly ritual).

After a rocking-rolling night due to rough currents, we landed in the state capitol, Juneau, the next afternoon. We had booked an excursion (highly recommended) to the Mendenhall Glacier, a Salmon Hatchery, and a Salmon Bake in the woods. Juneau has a touristy/rustic-looking downtown flanked by generic apartment buildings, parking structures, and shipyards. It was foggy and drizzling during our visit which somewhat obscured the views (especially of the Glacier) but we still had a great time in this lovely port. A few highlights:

Downtown Juneau in the rain.
Downed a couple of Duck Farts (the state drink) at this famous bar.
Salmon Hatchery
Macaulay Salmon Hatchery
View of the Mendenhall Glacier from about 2 miles away. Awe-inspiring sight even in the rain!
Salmon bake
Finished the day stuffing ourselves with salmon, clam chowder, corn bread, salad and blueberry crumble at this outdoor salmon bake. Delicious!

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