New Adventures Await!

Excited to have recently booked two upcoming trips which I am sure will result in many awesome stories for blog readers! Next month, I will be traveling to Squamish, British Columbia to crew for my sister during a 50 mile race through the mountains. That’s right – 50 miles. Ultramarathoners are a different breed, I tell […]

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5 Books Every Runner Should Read

Running and reading are two of my biggest passions, and I find that they sync rather well together. What runner hasn’t waxed poetic about the beauty of trails as they thunder through the trees? (I hope that’s not just me) Running has proven to be extremely effective at getting creative juices flowing and improving memory, and is […]

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Last Call: Victoria

I have to admit, I am still tempted to go live in Victoria, British Columbia some day. It boasts a temperate climate, beautiful old homes, a quaint downtown, an ocean view, friendly people, and gorgeous parks. My sister and parents had coincidentally visited Victoria only the week before and I told me I was in […]

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Canoeing in Ketchikan

Stumbling bleary-eyed down the ship’s disembarkation ramp at 7AM, all we could see of Ketchikan was the welcome sign shrouded in a thick blanket of fog. “Great,” we collectively thought, “This is the day we chose the water sport!”. Fortunately, as the shuttle bus rolled out of town, the fog began to slowly peel away. […]

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Strolling through Sitka

The ship docked at Sitka during the night so the morning sun welcomed us to this charming harbor village. Taking a tender boat the short ride to shore, I wandered through the main street, stopping to take pictures of a giant totem pole, the Russian church, and a beautiful cemetery tucked into the hillside. Sitka […]

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Glaciers Ahoy!

Deciding that Glacier Bay was a “must-see” was definitely one of the smartest decisions we made pre-boarding. We sailed all day Tuesday through soaring mountain ranges and massive slow-moving snow packs. Huddled on the decks in a sea of black North Face jackets (the locals appeared totally comfortable in T-shirts) we sipped Pinot Noir, munched […]

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What D’Juneau

Leaving from the port of Seattle, we steamed toward our northernmost destination for an entire day and night. My friends and I spent the day exploring the ship, then getting dolled up for Gala Night. I took this opportunity to try escargot for the first time – I liked it, but then butter and garlic […]

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