Cruisin’ to Alaska

Earlier this month, I crossed another destination off my bucket list – Alaska. Specifically, the cruise to Alaska, a seven day adventure by sea to the 49th state and British Columbia. Although I had never been on cruise before, many people assured me that it was truly unforgettable. Two girlfriends and I decided to make it […]

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What it Takes to Outrun the Sun

Not everyone is lucky is enough to have a real-life hero (or heroine) close to home. Many people idolize musicians, sports legends and media personalities, but it is difficult to truly know these people at a distance. Often, especially in sports, an individual with an incredibly inspirational legacy is outed as a fraud. “Comeback” athletes at the […]

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Interview with Cisco Head of Talent Strategy and Innovation for Talent Acquisition

Recently, I had the opportunity to interview Karen Miller-Morris, the Head of Talent Strategy and Innovation for Talent Acquisition at Cisco, for a feature in the Silicon Valley International Association of Business Communicators newsletter. I really enjoyed speaking with Karen, it is always a pleasure to speak with someone who is truly passionate about their career. Karen […]

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Day 4: Invernonan to Crianlarich

At last, the true Highlands! Our trail from Inveronan to Crianlarich began by leading us through meadows full of butterflies and gradually widened into a dirt path that snaked along the sloping hillsides. After spending the past few days walking with our heavy packs, our legs had toughened up and adjusted to the burden – […]

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Day 3: Rowardennan to Inveronan

Waking up in the morning to a hearty breakfast and the lake waters lapping just beneath the windows, we decided to take the ferry – a small boat the size of a two-car garage – across the lake to Luss, the most picturesque village on the route. Pocket-sized and the definition of “precious”, Luss was also […]

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Day 2: Drymen to Rowardennan

After having her fun with us the previous day, Mother Nature gave us a break and we enjoyed a few hours of pleasant weather as we started hiking around Loch Lomond. With soggy socks and two hikers in flip-flops (seriously) we elected to take a bus a few miles up the road to avoid a […]

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Day 1: Milngavie to Drymen

Funny thing about Nature – you think She would want to be appreciated and reward those who wander into Her most remote landscapes with sunny smiles and pleasant greetings. Instead, She does her best to knock you flat on your back and rub it in your face that you would really rather be home with […]

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